How to Create a Rose Fund

NFCR Rose Logo 3 colorOn this page you’ll find the various ways you can begin a Rose Fund and honor a loved one. Please also consider sharing your story on our Wall of Love.


Option 1

Using Crowdrise to raise money online is a simple, fast and highly effective way to get your Rose Fund growing! It’s an online fundraising platform that will let you setup and customize your own personal page honoring your loved one. Then you can send the link to your network and easily get the word out about your cause.

Create an online fundraising page using Crowdrise

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Personalize your story

Your Crowdrise fundraiser will be customizable. You can upload photos, share your story and make it personal to your experiences.

Get the word out

Crowdrise makes it easy for your mobilize your community. You can notify friends, family and coworkers easily through their systems, or using your own email and social media accounts.

Raise more money

Fundraisers that choose to use the Crowdrise platform raise more money on average than those that do not. They make it easy with a simple payment process and easy-to-use promotional tools to help your Rose Fund grow!

Crowdrise Instructions

To get your fundraiser up and running, simply follow the steps below:

1.) Click “Setup Your Fundraiser”

2.) Fill in the required fields in the following forms

3.) Upload pictures and fill in your story to personalize

4.) Start your fundraiser off with a personal donation, this shows that you’re serious about fundraising and will encourage others to follow your lead

5.) Get the word out! Send a link to your page to all of your family, friends and anyone else that might want to support your cause. Making a personal appeal to your community is the best way to help get your Rose Fund growing.

6.) Thank your donors! You’ll be able to see a list of all those that donated to your fund. We suggest thanking them all individually for their generosity.

7.) Keep it up! After a few months you may notice your donations slowing down. When it does it’s a good time to circle back to see if there’s anyone that might have missed your first appeal.


Option 2

Make a contribution through our secure donation form and alert your friends and family to donate through the existing Rose Fund donation page. Be sure they include the name of the honoree in the Rose Fund Name section so we’ll know which fund the donation belongs to.

Make a donation and start a new Rose Fund

Donate to an existing Rose Fund



Raising Money for your Rose Fund

We strongly suggest making a personal donation to get your Rose Fund started to encourage others to do the same. Getting the word out to your network is the most important part of growing your Rose Fund.

Learn more about raising money for your Rose Fund

Great ways to raise money for an NFCR Rose Fund

If you’re interested in raising more money, here are some suggestions. No two groups of people will want to go about it in exactly the same way, but here are some personal experiences which may inspire you…

Regular donations

“Stewart and I used to go for a day’s hike once month. It was our thing – a new route every time. So now I’m paying a few dollars into his Rose Fund every month instead of buying a beer at the end of our hike.”

Yard Sale

“When Mom died, we had the unpleasant job of clearing out her old house. Once we had decided the momentos we wanted to keep within the family, we organized a yard sale to raise money. It turned a potentially very sad day into a more positive one.”

Group Donation

“Betty was a member of our church for twelve years before she became ill. We organized a memorial service for her which raised $460.”

Sponsored Event

“The shock we all felt when Susie, our office secretary, died was awful. Raising money for her Rose Fund gave us all something positive to do. We organized a company-wide walk-a-thon We all paid a $24 entry fee and managed to raise over $1,000. The company matched this amount. We had a great day and Susie would have loved it.”

Testimonial Event

“I ran a marathon in memory of my Mom. I’d never don anything like that before and it hurt nearly every step of the way. But the memory of Mom, and how bravely she faced the pain she suffered towards the end, kept me going. It took me nearly six hours but I raised nearly $2,000!”

Wedding Anniversary

“It was our 40th Wedding Anniversary, and we just decided that it wasn’t only about us. It was about the family. So we asked people instead of bringing gifts to the party, to make contributions to Jake’s Rose Fund. I’ll never forget it. It was some party!”

Mother’s Day

“Mom’s always been the heart and soul of our family, so we made last Mother’s Day really special. All the kids made special donations to her Rose Fund – and uncles and aunts and cousins did too.”

There are many ways that family and friends can make further contributions to the Rose Fund.


What does money donated to a Rose Fund get used for?

All the money donated to the Fund will be used to support our efforts to find better treatments and cures for cancer. Click here to learn more about NFCR funded cancer research projects.