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A Rose Fund can be a wonderful way to honor a friend or loved one.  As the Fund grows – enabling NFCR to continue our vital research – it becomes a lasting tribute to them and their life.

What is an NFCR Rose Fund?

The National Foundation for Cancer Research can establish a Rose Fund in the name of the person you would like to honor or remember. As well as honoring their life, it will also contribute to further advances in cancer research.

A Rose Fund can be established with any amount you would like to start a fund with. It also provides the flexibility to give whenever you would like there are no minimums or monthly requirements to donate to a fund.

Anybody can donate or raise money for the Rose Fund now and as far into the future as they wish. We make sure that all donors who choose to be kept informed know how much has been raised for the fund.

We use the money you raise to fulfill our mission to find better treatments and cures for cancer.


“my sister died two years ago, at age 55.  The only way for me to get through those dark days was to say ‘thank-you’ for a life well-lived.  In keeping with the values that had guided her, the family decided to celebrate my sister’s memory by making it a catalyst for rose fund backgroundchange, and so we invited everyone who loved her to give money to her favorite charity.”


“Flowers are such a temporary gesture, but those donations, and the ones we’ve made since then at birthdays and other times like that, have created a living tribute to my sister that keeps her memory alive and at the same time helps others.”


“I think she would be very happy to know that something good had come from all this.”

Margaret, 54