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Welcome to NFCR’s online tribute section, the “Wall of love”, where you can share stories of your loved ones affected by cancer. Whether serving as a memorial or a tribute to survival, these stories of courage inspire us all, and underscore the fact that all of us are members of a community touched by and committed to defeating cancer.

Celebrate the inner strength of your loved ones, and pay tribute to their lives. Add them to the Wall of Love today and make a gift in honor of their spirit in the fight against cancer!

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He had lung cancer. He missed his grandchildren growing up. Now he is a great-grandpa. We will miss you!!!

Roy "Buddy" Grubbs

In loving memory of Wayne Russell-Muhammad (My Daddy)

Marha Corcoran Sager, 87, a founding member and board chairman of NFCR, passed away October 29 at her home in Bethesda, MD.

Martha Corcoran Sager

She only lived 46 years, but in a chaotic and often savage world, she provided an island of calm and culture.

Karen H. - A Creator of Civilization

Roy was known for the many baseball caps he wore and his big smile. He was always willing to lend a helping hand to family, friends, and even strangers at any time, day or night. He traveled to New Orleans as a member of the emergency crew for Dominion Virginia Power to help with the electrical problems following hurricane Katrina.


In memory of Bonnie Susan Rawlings who passed away from breast cancer last August.

Bonnie Susan Rawlings

Theron Bell is a 30 year cancer survivor. First diagnosed with breast cancer in 1976, shortly before his 45th birthday, he “was the doctor’s first male patient with breast cancer.

Theron Bell

I love her till my last breath….


As a 1st Lieutenant in WWII, and serving as a Navigator on B17’s, Bruce developed a fondness for maps – something that his family knew all too well, considering the numerous boxes that housed them underneath his bed! As a graduate of Cornell University, Bruce worked as a mechanical engineer in the commercial HVAC industry for 60+ years before his retirement in 2009. Diagnosed with metestatic melanoma in December 2011, he never backed down from a daily routine – including watching every sports program he possibly could! He passed away in March 2012.

Bruce R. Kane

This is a tribute to Michael Frino, a Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, and Friend. His love will live on forever in our hearts…

Michael Mario Frino