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NFCR Writer Kaitlin Horn

Faces & Voices of Cancer—in Depth: Michael Stein

“I think it was 2006,” recalls Michael “Mickey” Stein on his chronic follicular indolent non-Hodgkin lymphoma. “I was taking a shower and felt a lump in my groin. I have a degree in psychology, but a lot of it was in the medical end of psychology. I also had a…...

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Faces and Voices of Cancer—in Depth: Tory Campbell

In addition to sharing her breast cancer story, Campbell wants to take her positive experience and pay it forward any way that she can. In hopes of helping others in the cancer community, she shares some of the biggest takeaways from her experience....

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Faces & Voices of Cancer—in Depth: German Lam

“Cancer is a gift, because it has allowed me to up my game and share my story and my methods. I’ve entered this world unexpectedly. I am accessing parts of myself I didn’t before.” - read German Lam's story...

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NFCR Supporters: Amos Porter

11-year-old Amos decides to celebrate his birthday in a special way this year. His story is a perfect reminder that you’re never too young or too old to make a difference....

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It’s Officially Summer: Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

Many people consider summertime to be their favorite season, and why wouldn’t they? The temperatures are higher, the days are longer and the sun is brighter. Summer brings a multitude of recreational activities to choose from and, overall, a more relaxed way of living for a little while. However, increased…...

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Father’s Day

For the most part, June usually greets us the same way every year. Higher temperatures, long lines of people waiting for ice cream, longer days and, of course, a grocery store aisle filled to the brim with Father’s Day cards. Mass advertising is a great tool for those of us…...

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