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Knowledge is Power—Know Your Cancer Risk

Cancer Hotline Testimonial
The National Foundation for Cancer Research is a world leader in the fight against cancer. Although our research program is what will lead to game-changing discoveries, new prevention tools, treatments and ultimately a cure—NFCR is also now committed to providing direct support to patients. Through NFCR’s Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline, we’re providing personal support and guidance to individuals as they wage their war against this disease.

Below is a testimonial from a cancer patient who used our Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline. Read on to see how a call with our navigator left Maria feeling empowered and informed.

Maria Sheehan is no stranger to cancer. Her family history is filled with the dreaded disease, having lost many family members including her mother to pancreatic cancer.

Maria Sheehan's Family members lost to cancer

Maria Sheehan’s Heroes: her two uncles, her aunt, grandmother and mom—all lost to cancer.

In 2004, Maria herself was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer – with a genetic component that can affect the ovaries as well. Opting for an aggressive approach to treatment, she chose to undergo a complete hysterectomy, mastectomy as well as chemotherapy and radiation. Thankfully Maria’s breast cancer has not returned—however today she lives with pancreatitis and the knowledge that she is at high risk for developing cancer again. She says she “feels like a ticking time bomb.”

Empowered with this knowledge Maria takes a proactive approach in preventative measures. Every year she sees a pancreatic specialist to screen for abnormalities and is currently participating in a preventative study clinical trial. She also frequently stays up-to-date on new cancer fighting prevention tools and treatments. Maria believes that “knowledge is power” and it’s something that every person needs to seek out for themselves.

This is what led Maria to reach out to NFCR’s Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline. With her three children in mind, Maria was determined to make sure she was doing all she could to stay healthy. She says that her experience with the hotline exceeded her expectations. It went well beyond providing valuable medical advice and offered her a better understanding of her situation, a compassionate ear and a wonderful sense of empowerment.

NFCR is proud to offer this unique and invaluable service. Whether you are already in treatment and seeking a second option, seeking out first-time treatment options and advice, have general questions about your condition or simply want some preventative tips, NFCR’s Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline is here for you.

Remember, knowledge is power. We’re looking forward to connecting with you.

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