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NFCR’s Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline

A cancer diagnosis comes with panic, confusion, uncertainty and many questions: what tests should be scheduled, what are the best treatment options, and how to communicate the diagnosis with friends and family members.

NFCR understands the patient’s frustrations and needs, and we provide assistance through the difficult time by linking a person in need with the NFCR’s Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline, where one may talk with navigators to get professional help. Patients will not have to deal with these important issues alone.

NFCR is here to help.

What Kind of Help You Can Expect

The professionals at the NFCR’s Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline are all certified oncology nurses from HonorHealth Research Institute. These nurses have advanced experience and training in providing care and navigation service to cancer patients.

Importantly, these navigators will work closely with an elite multi-disciplinary team that includes Daniel Von Hoff, M.D., a world-renowned oncologist, recipient of the 2016 Giant of Cancer Care Award, Physician-In-Chief at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) and the Chief Scientific Officer at the HonorHealth Research Institute. Navigators will work closely with the team and provide the best help possible for:

  • Understanding the diagnosis and treatment options
  • Knowing the ways and relevant terminology to communicate comfortably with doctors
  • Accessing to important information to deal with issues associated with treatment
  • Recommending top oncologists to meet specific needs and coordinate the referral process
  • Identifying clinical trials of the newest therapies for advanced cancer or rare tumors for which no standard care or effective therapy is available

In summary, the navigators will help patients manage the path of their disease diagnosis and treatment course. These professionals will ensure patients have the necessary education, support and resources needed to deal with the complex course of the disease. They will not give specific medical advice nor will they interfere with the decisions made by the patient’s medical team.

What Other HonorHealth Research Institute Cancer Navigation Hotline Users are Saying:


are better able to make decisions about their cancer care


are more motivated to manage their own care in the cancer journey


are better able to communicate with their oncology team

How It Works:

  • Click on the button below to get started, fill out the form* and click the Submit button. 
  • A certified oncology nurse Navigator will reply to your request, during a working day, soon after receiving your submitted form. Additional medical information may be requested by the Navigator. Please send the requested information directly to the Navigator. After reviewing all the medical information, the Navigator will email you a toll free 800 number to call at a scheduled time.
  • If necessary, the Navigator will meet with the oncology experts of our Navigation Hotline Medical Team to review your medical information before scheduling a time for you to call.
  • During the call, the Navigator will answer your questions about your diagnosis and treatment, help you with the right questions to ask your doctors, inform you about the clinical trial information that may fit your disease type, and more.
  • After speaking with the Navigator, please email us your feedback at to let us know if the Cancer Patient Navigation Hotline helped you and how we may serve you better in the future.


Patient Cancer Navigation Hotline Medical Team: Experts from HonorHealth Research Institute

Erkut Borazanci, M.D., MS
Michael S. Gordon, M.D.

Jasgit Sachdev, M.D.
Frank Tsai, M.D.
Daniel Von Hoff, M.D., F.A.C.P
Sunil Sharma, M.D., MBA, F.A.C.P.
Susan Haag, Ph.D.
Joyce Schaffer, MSN RN AOCNS