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Ejaculation & Prostate Cancer

A recent study concluded a positive correlation between frequent ejaculation and a reduced risk of prostate cancer. Research has suggested this relationship for years, but a 2016 longitudinal cohort study surveyed nearly 32,000 men across several age groups for 18 years. The study, which was the largest sample size to…...

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Genetic Breakthrough in Aggressive Prostate Cancer Research

Cancer researchers at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have zeroed in on a specific type of gene loss that sets off large-scale genetic changes that could make prostate cancer both resistant to treatment and more likely to spread. The discovery concerns the retinoblastoma (RB) susceptibility gene, the first “gatekeeper…...

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Preventing and Treating Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is never thwarted by the politics of avoidance. Over half of men aged 50 and over have already experienced changes to the tissues and cells in their prostate, which is part of the normal aging process. The likelihood of developing prostate cancer increases with age. While only one…...

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Genetic Marker Can Help Focus Prostate Cancer Therapies

CLEVELAND, OH — Two studies conducted by the Cleveland Clinic revealed how a testosterone-related genetic abnormality can help predict individual patient responses to specific prostate cancer therapies. The studies, published in the October 12 issue of JAMA Oncology, suggest that men who inherit this variant would benefit from a personalized…...

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